GLite Administration Course

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Learn how to install, configure and maintain gLite site services.

This course deals with the handling of gLite site services. You will learn in lectures and discussions how to deal with gLite updates, problems, monitoring and challenges of larger sites. The course offers a number of different services to install and manage such as the (CREAM) CE, Workload Management System (WMS), site BDII, nagios for monitoring and many more ...

First Part - Theory

First you have to know what gLite is and where to get it from. After a short introduction to gLite you get your own site and an exemplary guide for the installation and configuration.

Follow the red arrow to a short gLite middleware introduction:

What is gLite and where to get it?

After the introduction you will get your own site and have a look at your site BDII.

What makes a grid site a grid site? - Get your own site

Second Part - Hands-On

Now it's you turn. There are several services to install. Please start with the Computing Element since a CE is an important part of most grid sites.

Installation of a CE

Third Part - Go on as you like

You can now install some more services or make some exercises for advanced gLite adminitrators:

Installation of a WMS

Combine two CEs with one batch system

Exercises for advanced adminitrators

Installation of a LFC

Installation of a MonBox


List of all available installation instructions on this wiki for gLite services

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