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The Computing Element (CE) is a portal machine for grid jobs to the local batch server. The batch server might be located on the CE or can be installed on a separate machine. In our case we setup a combination of a CE and a TORQUE server. The grid jobs sent via WMS or via direct job submission are delivered from the CE to the batch system and started on a free WN. After the job has finished the output files are copied from the WN to the CE and from the CE back to the WMS.

All jobs are accounted and published to the MonBox. And just like any other middleware service an ldap server provides the information of the computing resources.

Computing Element

There are two types og CE in gLite. The old lcg-CE and the new CREAM CE (Computing Resource Execution And Management). This course offers the installation of the CREAM flavour since the CREAM CE shall replace the lcg-CE in the future.


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