Configuration of the gLite ApelBox

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MySQL Server

Start the MySQL Server

service  mysqld start

and set the password

/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password '<MYSQL_PASSWORD-in-site-info.def>'

Host certificate

Before configuring the ApelBox you need to get and install a host certificate. For more details please refer to Host certificates.


Now get your site-info.def from your site BDII or start with the example file /opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo/site-info.def and save it somewhere you like, e.g. /root/yaim/ or /opt/glite/yaim/ and make sure that it is only readable by root.

mkdir /root/yaim
cd /root/yaim
touch /root/yaim/site-info.def
chmod -R 600 /root/yaim

Mandatory variables for the ApelBox are:

APEL_DB_PASSWORD=<APEL database password>
CE_HOST=<FQHN of your compute element>
MON_HOST=<FQHN of your ApelBox>
MYSQL_HOST=<FQHN of the host running the MySQL Server>
SITE_NAME=<Name of your grid site>

Configuration with yaim

NOTE: The function lists for the yaim configuration are located in /opt/glite/yaim/node-info.d/. You can have a look at the lists on the machines or in the wiki under category "Function lists". For the CREAM Compute Element configuration without a batch server you need the list glite-apel:

Functions used for the configuration of the gLite ApelBox: Function list gLite-APEL

Now call yaim for the node type APEL:

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s /root/yaim/site-info.def -n APEL

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