hidden:Restore Test System 7.4.3p1 from DB2 OfflineBackup

From Lsdf

1. Make a Bare Metal backup before starting restore

/usr/sbin/rear mkbackup

2. List HPSS current configuration

/opt/hpss/bin/lshpss -all > /db2_backup/lshpss-hpss7.4.3p3/lshpss-7.4.3p3_before_downgrade_to_7.4.3p2.txt

3. Stop HPSS

hpssadm> server shutdown -all
/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss -d stop
/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss -m stop

4. Stop db2 and restart it in order to close all active connections.

Alternatively db2 quiesce instance <inst_name> restricted access immediate force connections....take a closer look at db2 documentation ...it was not tested here...
/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss stop
su - hpssdb
.  /var/hpss/hpssdb/sqllib/db2profile

5. Make DB offline backup

db2 backup db hcfg to /db2_backup/offline/hcfg compress
db2 backup db hsubsys1 to /db2_backup/offline/hsubsys1 compress

6. Stop DB2


7. Restore db2/HPSS /7.4.3p1/ from an offline backup

su - hpssdb
.  /var/hpss/hpssdb/sqllib/db2profile
db2 list history backup since 20151201 for hcfg
db2 "restore db hcfg from /db2_backup/offline/hcfg taken at 20151221154752"
db2 "restore db hsubsys1 from /db2_backup/offline/hsubsys1 taken at 20151221154835"
db2 "rollforward db hcfg to end of logs and complete"
db2 "rollforward db hsubsys1 to end of logs and complete"
db2 activate db hcfg
db2 activate db hsubsys1
if you do not want the redo logs to be applied do only "complete" to turn off the rollforward state of the database
db2 "rollforward db hcfg complete"
db2 "rollforward db hsubsys1 complete"

8. Make hpss linkk to version 7.4.3p1

rm /opt/hpss
ln -s /hpss_src/hpss- /opt/hpss
/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss start

9. 7.4.3p2 needs no DB2 conversion, simply make the link

rm /opt/hpss
ln -s /hpss_src/hpss- /opt/hpss

10. Make a link to 7.4.3p2 on test mover

11. Reconfigure HPSS

Delete disk devices: delete files, delete cos, delete hierarchy, delete storage class. 
Delete resource, export volume, delete disk/device

12. SCSI Library and drives

library scan drive address on core

scan scsi drive address on mover
sg_map -st -x -i ----> take generic drive /dev/sgXX
/opt/hpss/bin/device_scan -t tape -s /dev/sgXX

13. STK Library and drive

take device address from acsls maschine and define STK library in HPSS

14. If a tape volume cannot be removed do this:

/opt/hpss/tools/unsupported/bin/removesegs -i1 -v TK0528 --delete-segments     (twice)

15. New cartridges in library iu1 hpss_test_01:


16. New cartridges in stk hpsst partition:


17. Write some files with patch 2

18. Set cartridges on read only

19. Upgrade to patch3 (see Upgrade Test System from 7.4.3p2 to 7.4.3p3)

read the files written with patch 2 and compare the checksums

20. Create new tape storage classes and enable Block Protection

110 PrimaryCopySTK_T10KD E2EDP  
111 SecondaryCopyIUT1_TS1140 E2EDP with BP enabled

21. Create new hierarchies 110,111,112

22. Create new COSs 110,111,112 with "hash algorithm"=MD5

23. Import new cartridges in SC110


24. Import new cartridges in SC 111


25. Import new cartridges in old SC100 for migrate force tests


26. Import new cartridges in old sc101 for migrate force tests

TK0521 set readonly
TS0245 set readonly

27. Set p2 cartridges as read only TS0213,TS0214,TK0243,TK0244

28. Problem

Migration does not run 
IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL0551N  The statement failed because the authorization ID does not have the required authorization or privilege to  perform the operation.     
Authorization ID: "HPSS".  Operation: "SELECT". Object: "HPSS.BFMIGRRECBITFILEVIEW".  SQLSTATE=42501)

29. This step was of no use

See Conversion Guide 10.5.1)
Stop hpss
[root@hpsstcr03 ~]# .  /var/hpss/hpssdb/sqllib/db2profile
[root@hpsstcr03 ~]# /opt/hpss/tools/convert743/hpss/hpss_convertdb743
HPSS_DB_INSTANCE_OWNER is set - Using 'hpssdb' for database connections.
Password for hpssdb: 
cnvt> mpsforcemigrategrant
DB20000I  The SQL command completed successfully.
DB20000I  The SQL command completed successfully.
cnvt> quit
start hpss 

30. Grant hpss user the required privileges

su - hpssdb
db2 connect to hsubsys1
bash-4.1$ db2 grant control on table hpss.BFMIGRRECBITFILEVIEW to user hpss
DB20000I  The SQL command completed successfully.
Migrations runs

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