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Recover volumes in HPSS

Call "man recover" on the core server to see a detailed description of the hpss "recover" tool
Recover means: stage all files from the secondary copy and re-write the primary copy

1. Recover the whole volume in HPSS

1.1 Log in on the active HPSS core server 

1.2 set the volume to VV Condition “DOWN”

1.3 /opt/hpss/bin/recover -i1 -v "volume_name" > /var/hpss/tmp/volume_name_recover_out.txt 2>&1 &
Note:    use option –w to change the number of seconds for the progress watch cycle (e.g. -w 300)
Example: /opt/hpss/bin/recover -i1 -w 300 -v TK094100 > /var/hpss/tmp/TK0941_recover_out.txt 2>&1 &

1.4 check the output file /var/hpss/tmp/volume_name_recover_out.txt

1.5 recover creates an additional report file: /var/hpss/tmp/recover.volume_name.report.txt, take a look at it
Note: it could be a long running process depending on how much files have to be recovered

1.6 The status of the running recovery process can be checked at any time with:
/opt/hpss/bin/recover --status -i1 -v TK071300

1.7 /opt/hpss/bin/recover -i1 -l list all running recovery processes

2. Reclaim or discard the repacked cartridges

!!!to be described!!!

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