hidden:Configuration of the NFS service on ''hpa''

From Lsdf
The directory on the HPSS servers for the configuration files is: TBD
With changing to this directory the automount will be active.
The mount will be unmounted after 3 minutes without access.

Configuration on the HPA server (

  • the directory for the config files was created: /export/hpa
  • The file /etc/exports was modified:
  • nfs-utils was updated with yum
  • nfs was started with systemctl start nfs.service

NFS v3 support

Because RH7 systems like hpa, run NFS Version 4 by default the mount syntax on the client is different as compared to mounting the same directory with the nfs 3 protocol. nfs v4 uses the 'root' directory concept and therefore mount commands must mount the exported 'root'. If the server has the /etc/exports file above then

  • nfs v3
 mount -o nfsvers=3 <server>:/export/hpa /mnt
  • nfs v4
 mount -o nfsvers=4 <server>:/ /mnt

Also rpcbind has to run on a v3 server (which is real gotcha!).

 systemctl start rpcbind