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Please contact Ms: Diana Gudu <diana.gudu@kit.edu> for an access key and detailed information.

The S3 storage offered in LSDF is based on 'WOS' a product of Data Direct Networks (DDN). The physical storage, magnetic disks, is separated in two separate units to increase redundancy. The containers are Web Object Scaler (WOS) systems. The WOS systems are connected to 5 nodes that run a data base (2 nodes) and the S3 protocol (3 nodes). The latter have a DNS round robin name configured.

To use the S3 storage point your client or application to:


and add the Access and Secret Keys.

Please report problems or requests to Ms Gudu or the LSDF team. We will be happy to comply and need your input to improve the system. We are very interested in your experience with different clients and applications and your way of using the S3 storage. Although the LSDF is for large scientific data your 'desktop' expierence is thoroughly welcomed.