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We are working at the European scientific project called INDIGO Data Cloud. As part of that there is a need to harmonize identities all over the European Federations and provide an easy to use single sing on system.

This is where you come into play! You will implement a service that will enable a user to login at a single-sign-on system and use those credentials to do e.g. ssh, ftp or even S3.

Our Idea is a RESTful service with a plugin-interface. Plugins will be provided and implemented on a end-service base.

So during your PSE you will be working with or even implementing:

  • OpenId Connect
  • oauth2.0
  • Json Web Tokens
  • RESTful Web-Services
  • Security Considerations
  • remote execution of code
  • LDAP


  • Requirement specification (Pflichtenheft)
  • System Design (Systementwurf)
  • Implementation (Implementierung)
  • Validation (Validierung (Qualitätskontrolle/Softwaretest))
  • Projektabnahme und Abschlussveranstaltung


  • English
  • Linux
  • Python, even better: Erlang

What we provide

  • a group of smart and fun people
  • several virtual machines as playground (yes, Linux and root ;) )
  • a PSE project that will be used for real later on





Further Informations

Informations regarding PSE WS2015/16 (German)