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Web based references

HPSS WiKi - Access to authorised users only

HPSS web site - Manuals and references

Large Tape User Group (LTUG) - Website for users of STK Tape and Storage

NERSC Nice page about HPSS services at NERSC

bwDataArchiv Project WIKI pages of the bwDataArchiv project (in German)

bwDataArchiv Service Web pages of the bwDataArchiv archive service

Papers and Presentations about HPSS

BNL paper describing the ERADAT queing system in front of HPSS: File:Tape storage optimisation at bnl.pdf

IN2P3 paper describing the TReqS system. (TReqS is the C++ rewritten ERADAT system from BNL): File:The Tape REQuest Scheduler at IN2P3.pdf

IN2P3 presentation about their HPSS system: File:IN2P3 HPSS.pdf

Slides for the presentation at HPSS Lab in Houston (June 2014): File:2014 06 09-HPSS-Houston.pdf


HPSS FUSE Admin manual

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