Dateien Indizierungsdienst für LSDF (Large Scale data facility)

From Lsdf

The number of files in the LSDF is getting huge. Of course the structure helps to find the date based on the file name. However even directories have endless depths and branches. The idea ist to build an indexing service that constantly runs and build a database that if queried for e.g. 'kee' returns:

File names found containing 'kee':

keesdejongen in /a/b/c/d/e/f
jadiekees in /12/34/45/67/
laatmekee in /C/f/12/ss/

The index need not be upto date to the last entry. Mostly you want to find a file that has been there for a long time already. Of course one could extend this by looking inside the file and adding this to the database. But the LSDF contains measurement data and is totally different from the web. So we're not looking for another google design :-). Of course users should be able to find the file names of non authorised files or files belonging to others. A nice web FE would complete the work.