BwFileStorage Snapshots

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Snapshots are used to create a point-in-time copy of a file system or file sets. Snapshots can be used to quickly restore files or folders that were unintentionally deleted. Snapshots also provide a form of file versioning and the ability to revert to a previous version of a file, depending on the time interval between snapshots.


>cd snapshots
daily-2014.07.10-02.00.12  daily-2014.07.16-02.00.12    weekly-2014.06.15-13.30.12
daily-2014.07.11-02.00.12  daily-2014.07.17-02.00.12    weekly-2014.06.22-13.30.12
daily-2014.07.12-02.00.12  monthly-2014.03.31-22.00.12  weekly-2014.06.29-13.30.12
daily-2014.07.13-02.00.12  monthly-2014.04.30-22.00.12  weekly-2014.07.06-13.30.12
daily-2014.07.14-02.00.12  monthly-2014.05.31-22.00.12  weekly-2014.07.13-13.30.12
daily-2014.07.15-02.00.12  monthly-2014.06.30-22.00.12

prefix  : fileset name per organization; prefix for login name and group name