Analyse von Netzwerkpaketen im LHCONE Netzwerk mit Logstash/Elasticsearch/Kibana/Grafana

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The GridKa Tier-1 data center is connected to the LHCONE overlay network [0]. Due to the complex setup of this network and trust relations between participation sites, it is very important to understand the origin of network packets which have been wrongly routed into this network. The problematic packets are mirrored from the border routers to special hosts for analysis. The goal of the project is to prepare a pipeline to analyse and store problematic network packets and create a visualizations for the external network admins to help them with diagnosing the problem.


  • familiarization with Packetbeat [1] , ElasticSearch [2], Grafana [3]
  • configuration of Packetbeat
  • development of a data storage model in ElasticSearch
  • creating of dashboards in Kibana or Grafana


  • good Linux knowledge
  • experience with scripting (bash/Python)


Andreas Petzold


[1] Packetbeat
[2] Elasticsearch
[3] Grafana