A Scaleable and Extensible Online Platform for Spatial IT

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The task to this internship is to set up a scalable and extensible online platform for spatial analysis. This platform should support geoscientists to gather, analyse, and visualise spatial and temporal data. Other than classic Geo Information Systems (GIS) the focus of this framework will be a minimal, lightweight and modular framework based on current web technologies.


Backend development tasks

  • Object Storage (like Ceph, Lustre or XtreemFS)
  • Geo-, array- and document-based databases (like PostGIS, Rasdaman, CouchDB, Redis)
  • Data from different geospatial file formats (like GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, netCDF or HDF5)
  • Cacheable and minimal footprint network communication (via REST API and ZeroMQ)
  • Thredds and Tomcat for providing catalogues
  • Geoserver for providing WMS, WPS, WCPS ans WPS services

Frontend development tasks

  • Minimal Webframeworks (like Flask or Django)
  • Map visualisation via Mapbox, Openlayers, Shapely, tippecanoe, CARTO.js or Leaflets
  • Accessibility via REST API

Since this is a long-term project the tasks will be split into subtasks and distributed between up to three students given their previous experience.


Please see above mentioned technologies for each subtask.