ROOT 6 Workshop

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ROOT 6 Workshop


We will go through the steps of a simple data analysis with ROOT 6:

  • examining the structure of a mockup experiment's data: TTree
  • examining basic distributions: histogramming
  • simple fitting
  • multi-dimensional selections
  • multivariate analysis: TMVA
  • efficiency calculation: TEfficiency
  • going parallel: PROOF lite
  • Introduction slides: ROOT6.pdf


We need your laptop! Ideally it has X11 forwarding capabilities to ssh -Y into the machines provided by the school.

So many options! They are all good - and if all fails we'll be there to help.

And we will need at least basic understanding of C++, for instance on what pointers are and when to use dot versus arrow.

The Workshop Pages

Because you are too many for a one on one workshop we have asked for help of a good friend: the internet! You can find the web pages here. Note that you are the first ones to have a ROOT 6 workshop - have mercy with us! And we have set up ROOT already; you can skip point 0. of the workshop and go right ahead to point 1!