OwnCloud Workshop

From Gridkaschool

This will be a hands on workshop, so please bring your laptop.


  • Overview ownCloud 7
  • Installation and configuration
    • Setup and planning
      • Minimum setup
      • Solid single machine setup
      • Scaling with multiple servers
    • Adding Apps
  • Community vs. Enterprise Edition
  • Synchronization & Access Protocols
    • WebDAV to access Files
    • Sharing API
    • CalDAV to access Calendar
    • CardDaV to access Contact
  • Your first owncloud app
    • App framework
    • Setting up a development environment
    • App generator: ocdev

ownCloud Installation

Installation from linux packages [1]

Manual installation from scratch with Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd [2]

Ready to use docker images [3]

API Dokumentation

WebDAV file access [4]

Sharing API [5]

Sync Calendar and Contacts with CalDAV, CarDAV [6]

Write your own RESTful API in your ownCloud app [7]

App Development

Presentation "App Development Using The App Framework" by Bernhard Posselt [8]

Setup a development environment [9]

Creating an App skeleton [10]