Openstack Part 2

From Gridkaschool


OpenStack is currently one of the most evolving open IaaS solutions available. Every new release comes with a huge set of new features. It can be hard to hold pace with such changes. Starting from scratch also proves difficult due to the complexity of the several components interacting with each other but also due to the lack of exhaustive documentation. The proposed training targets system administrators with little or no knowledge on cloud infrastructure, interested in learning how to deploy and operate Openstack. The training is organised in three full days. Main topics of the training will be:

  • a general introduction to OpenStack (IceHouse) and its core components, with particular attention on the relationships among them various components.
  • an overview of the supporting software, available choices and limitations (database, messaging queue and typical HA deployments)
  • hands-on installation of the baisc components:
    • MySQL
    • RabbitMQ
    • Keystone (identity service)
    • Nova (compute service), using nova-network
    • Glance (image service)
    • Cinder (block storage service)
    • Horizon (web interface)

The last day will be dedicated to Neutron, the OpenStack network service, and will include:

  • an overview of Neutron, its network providers and plugins
  • hands-on installation of Neutron


The tutorial material is hosted on GitHub and can be accessed from this page.