Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Workshop

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This workshop is part of the Microsoft Azure for Research programme -

You can apply for Azure Awards every two months, comprising 180,000 compute hours and 20TB storage for 12 months - see

Microsoft Azure is a general, open, and flexible global cloud platform supporting any language, tool, or framework - including Linux, Java, Python, and other non-Microsoft technologies. It is ideally suited to researchers’ needs across disciplines. The workshop is intended specifically for active scientists who can code, who will soon code, or are interested in coding in a modern computing context. Attendees will be able to access Microsoft Azure on their own laptop during the training and for evaluation purposes for up to three months after the event. The attendee’s laptop does not need to have the Windows operating system installed—Microsoft Azure is accessed via your Internet browser.

This workshop will allow you to:

  • Gain an understanding of cloud computing and why and when you would use it in scientific or other research
  • Acquire hands-on experience in the major design patterns for successful cloud applications, including virtual machines, web sites, cloud storage, big data, streaming data, and visualisation
  • Develop the skills to run your own application/services on Microsoft Azure

Workshop Preparation

Microsoft Azure is mainly accessed through a modern HTML5 web browser, and through REST APIs from any operating system (Linux, Mac and Windows 7+).

Before the workshop please:

If you have time, also please install the following software,

Software on Linux and Mac: =

Software on Windows:

Storage tools on Windows: