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SWAN (Service for Web based ANalysis): [[1]] is a platform to perform interactive data analysis in the cloud.

If you have a CERN account, please send an email to swan-admins@cern.ch [[2]] and you'll be given permission to access SWAN. If not, login credentials will be offered for trying to a limited amount of users.

Once you have your accounts please log in first in CERNBox: [[3]] (still necessary) and then in SWAN: [[4]].


  • Nice ROOT-based examples in SWAN (showcasing the Run on SWAN bu: [[5]]
  • (Very) Simple example using Python libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib) (Opens directly in Swan): [[6]]
  • SWAN and Apache Spark:
    • Basic execution in a Spark cluster (Opens in Swan): [[7]]
    • More Spark Examples: [[8]]
  • Machine Learning examples: [[9]]


  • Slides from the Talk on Monday: [[10]]
  • SWAN Gallery: [[11]]. If you want to run them in SWAN and be able to play with them, click on the "Open in SWAN" ribbon in the examples, clicking anywhere else opens a static page with the execution on Jupyter nbviewer (Ideal for sharing ;)).
  • Markdown on the Jupyter Notebooks Documentation: [[12]].
  • Tutorials on ROOT's reference guide (the ones that have a "run in swan" button): [[13]]