Globus Technology Workshop

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General Presentation and Objectives

The Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) is an FP7 funded project providing European researchers with the tools to share computing power, databases and instruments in GRID.

IGE is a member of the Globus Alliance, the collaboration that produces the Globus toolkit (GT), an open source set of software components that address the most challenging problems in distributed resource sharing.

This tutorial aims to inform the attendees about the general IGE's activity and results and provide them direct contact and basic experience with the software tools provided by the IGE. We based our tutorial on software components belonging to the IGE v2.2 release (including GT 5.2.1).

Contents of the workshop

The workshop is organised in two parts: lecture (about 2 hours) and hands-on (about 4 hours). Both of them are based on the following main topics:

  1. Authentication and Authorisation
  2. Interactive Access via GSI-OpenSSH
  3. GSISSH Terminal
  4. Data Transfer With GridFTP
  5. GlobusOnLine
  6. Job Submission via GRAM
  7. GridWay

Short Feedback Form

Please fill in this feedback form before the end of the tutorial. Thank you!

Training Slides

  1. Lecture slides
  2. Hands-on slides
  3. Hands-on Additional Exercises

Technical specifications for the Hands-on Session


  • a personal laptop
  • basic knowledge of Linux commands would be desired, but not vital

Connecting to The Tutorial Machines

Connection to the tutorial machine is done using a "ssh" connection. This is why you need a ssh key to be trusted by the machine you are going to connect to. Each student is associated a user name and three machines. These associations are listed on this page. We recommend you to use the first machine and the other two only in case the first one becomes inaccessible. There is however no real restriction to use any of the three machines. The only difference is that the first two machines run Ubuntu 10.4, while the third one runs Scientific Linux 5 (SL5) and the slides presented during the hands-on session contain commands specific to Ubuntu. Though, we provide alternative hands-on SL5 slides for those who prefer SL5 or in case the Ubuntu machines are not accessible.

For connecting to your tutorial machine you need the following information:

  • your machine DNS;
  • your user name;
  • the ssh private key of your user.

The ssh keys can be downloaded from the following SSH keys password-protected archive.

Before starting your tutorial, please perform the following steps:

  • download the ssh key archive;
  • unzip it, using the password provided by you by your tutor;
  • keep in mind the place where you store the ssh keys, because you need to know it when you will connect to your tutorial machine.

Open the "Hands-on" slides and follow instructions described there.