Effective Analysis Programming 2

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We give an introduction to advanced topics of C++. These include inheritance, templates, stable numerical calculations, debugging and profiling. The main focus is on rules and guidelines to write clear code and avoid common pitfalls.

Desirable Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of C/C++


  • Stroustrup: "The C++ Programming Language", 3rd edition
  • Sutter, Alexandrescu: "C++ Coding Standards"
  • Press et al.: "Numerical Recipes", 3rd edition
  • Meyers: "Effective C++" etc.


  • gks-044.scc.kit.edu
  • gks-246.scc.kit.edu


  • Coding Guidelines 1(Organization and policy, Design style, Coding style, Function) Media:Effprog2.pdf
  • Coding Guidelines 2(Organization and policy, Design style, Coding style, Function) Media:Effprog3.pdf


Review code of a project

  • Start with tar ball File:Inertia.tgz
  • Add missing code to Cylinder class
  • test it
  • check into the repository
  • tag it with CVS
  • improve the code using the guidelines
  • commit changes tag new version