Effective Analysis Programming 1

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We give an introduction to advanced topics of C++. These include inheritance, templates, stable numerical calculations, debugging and profiling. The main focus is on rules and guidelines to write clear code and avoid common pitfalls.

Desirable Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of C/C++


  • Stroustrup: "The C++ Programming Language", 3rd edition
  • Sutter, Alexandrescu: "C++ Coding Standards"
  • Press et al.: "Numerical Recipes", 3rd edition
  • Meyers: "Effective C++" etc.


  • gks-044.scc.kit.edu
  • gks-246.scc.kit.edu


  • Floating point arithmetic, numerical algorithms
  • Coding Guidelines 1(Organization and policy, Design style, Coding style, Function) Media:Effprog.pdf


Monte Carlo method for moment of inertia

Random numbers can be used to solve complex integrals. Here, you are asked to compute the moment of inertia Int1.png of a thin cylindrical shell and a cylinder, with radius R and length l. View the body as a composition of points with equal mass and sum up each point's moment of inertia Sum1.png.

Start with the program: File:Cylinder.cc

To get started, execute:

mkdir inertia
cd inertia
wget https://wiki.scc.kit.edu/gridkaschool/upload/2/2d/Cylinder.cc
mv Cylinder.cc cylinder.cc
g++ -o cylinder cylinder.cc

Version Control

Create the root directory of CVS:

mkdir cvsroot
cvs -d $PWD/cvsroot init

Point CVSROOT to the new directory:

export CVSROOT=<full path to cvsroot>

Import your project into CVS:

cd inertia
cvs import -m "start" Inertia INITIAL start

Test it:

cvs co -d inertiawork  Inertia

Other commands:

cvs diff
cvs status
cvs commit -m"precise description" <files>
cvs diff --brief
cvs up
cvs add
cvs delete

Implement a 3D-Vector

In order to make our program more general (different bodies, different axis) we need a class for 3D vectors that can also compute the cross product.

  1. Complete the class implementation with the following files: File:Vector.hh,File:Vector.cc,File:Vectortest.cc
  2. Adapt cylinder.cc to use the new Vector class

Solution for 1st part: File:Vector cor.hh,File:Vector cor.cc,File:Vectortest cor.cc File:Cylinder cor.cc


Add the following Makefile to your project: File:Makefile.junk and rename it to Makefile.

Class with overloaded operator()