EMI Session 2: ARC Tutorial

From Gridkaschool

Participants: Please bring a 64bit laptop with a virtual machine software (VirtualBox or VmPlayer). We'll provide a VM image to be used in the tutorials.

ARC Tutorial content:

This tutorial will cover installation, configuration and basic commands of the client for Advanced Resource Connector (ARC). The tutorial is mainly directed to new grid users, but the schedule is flexible and can accommodate use cases.

In the hands-on demonstrations, the participants will carry out the following tasks: installing the ARC client, writing grid job descriptions, using grid storage and job execution.

Participants are encouraged to propose a use case of technical/scientific computing. If the case is suitable for grid computing, we'll design a work flow for it.

Handout material: https://ocikbapps.uzh.ch/gc3wiki/teaching/sgs2012.html

ARC for developers

This part of the tutorial will cover the ARC programming APIs (in python) and how they can be lever to write scalable control logic for large scale data analysys.

Handout material: https://ocikbapps.uzh.ch/gc3wiki/teaching/sgs2012/arc_htc.html

Pre-requirements for attendees

Training will be given using a dedicated virtual appliance that can be executed on each attendee's laptop (by VirtualBox, VMWare or most of the currently available virtualization systems).

  • Attendees are requested to download the appliance:
  • appliance md5sum: 8cb944af61a70826f9d40a59a7ee10d3
  • root password for the appliance: 'gridtempl'
  • Attendees will also receive a personal certificate from the GridKa school that will be used during the tutorial
  • Upload of the certificate within the appliance will be done as first step of the tutorial

Exercise machines