Administration of the CREAM CE

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Checking the configuration


to ensure a up-to-date operation system daily yum update should be enabled. But the gLite middleware should not be updated automatically since sometimes reconfiguration or daemon restarts are necessary. To prevent important packages to be updated you can edit the yum.exclude file under /etc/yum.d/yum.cron.excludes. E.g.:

# cat /etc/yum.d/yum.cron.excludes

exclude=kernel* openafs* GFS* cman* dlm* gnbd* *firmware* glite* lcg* 
bouncycastle* jdk* tomcat* geronimo* glue* java* bdii* mysql* j2* GFAL* 
CGSI_gSOAP* fetch-crl*

Where to find ...

User's jobs?

The job is stored in the directory

/opt/glite/var/cream_sandbox/<vo>/<DN + Role>/<CREAM ID>/

Here every job has a subdirectory ISB for the input sand box and OSB for the output sandbox.

CREAM logfiles

By default the logging is stored in the directory /opt/glite/var/log/.

Grid Information Provider (GIP)

All static information is stored in the files /opt/glite/etc/gip/ldif/static-*. The glite-info-wrapper runs all plugins in directory /opt/glite/etc/gip/plugin/* and all provider in /opt/glite/etc/gip/provider which collect all dynamic information needed and combines them. The operational capability can be checked in the files in directory /opt/glite/var/cache/gip/*. Here for every plugin and provider one file with the dynamic information is stored.

The BDII process collects the data provided by the entries in /opt/bdii/etc/bdii-update.conf, e.g the information provided by the glite-info-wrapper, and stores them at /opt/bdii/var/cache/[0|1|2|3]/*. Finally all this information is gathered in one big file /opt/bdii/var/tmp/GIP.ldif.

VO tags

Every VO has its own vo tag file /opt/edg/var/info/<vo>/<vo>.list. The tags have the format VO-<vo>-<tag name>. The files can be changed by software managers (sgm accounts) via the command lcg-ManageVOTag on the UI.

Info: The SAM tests have a sensor for the publishing of the tags. Unfortunately the sensor looks for ops tags, but ops does not set tags. With no entry for ops the sensor results in a warning. This can be avoided if you set a tag for ops. Just edit the file /opt/edg/var/info/ops/ops.list and add an entry, e.g. VO-ops-SAM-tag-test.

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