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The LSDF uses a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) throughout its infrastructure maintained by the networking department of SCC. The SCC NET department combines highest standards in operational stability with continuous improvements of the network software and infrastructure fixtures.

Striving to have as much services as possible the network has been designed to be as redundant as possible by double connections and highly available routers using double supervisor boards. However redundancy is sometimes limited by hard and or software capabilities. Some connections are shared with the KIT backbone as long as the network traffic does not affect each other significantly.

Networking engineers Ms. Aurélie Reymund, Ms. Elena Huck and head of the SCC/NET Mr. Reinhard Strebler have designed a state of the art low latency, campus wide, top speed data shipping highway to serve data intensive science at KIT. A detailed drawing of the logical and physical network layout, courtesy SCC/NET, can be downloaded as pdf by clicking on the thumb below.

LSDF logical network 80x234 pixel bar.png LSDF physical network

IP services

DNS and IP entries (access permission needed): https://www-net.scc.kit.edu/login

IP Services
Service host
NTP ntp-cn-1.scc.kit.edu

Allocated networks

The lists below may not be fully up to date. Please check DNSVS or ask NET.

Public Networks (10.09.2014)
subnet/mask Name VLAN ID Status/Comment lsdf dis (gpfs) - Haddoop unused lsdf dis (sonas) lsdf fast (ddn) unused VM range (open nebula) bwSonas, login Knoten unused F&E Cluster
141.52.215.x/26 small nets for LSDF attached institutes IFH ( (ifh-monsoon10.lsdf.kit.edu) IPE ITG lsdf-3 1255 routed via KIT FW, Virtual Images lsdf-5 8 CEPH cluster Marcus Hardt HPSS lsdf scm 859 sdil
Internal Networks for component management
subnet/mask Name VLAN ID Status/Comment
172.18.92/22 mgmt 1006 LSDF mgmt / GW is!!
172.19.92/22 mgmt 1006 SDIL mgmt IMK HSKA