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Activate/deactivate HPSS on either hpsscr04 or hpsscr05

1.Activate HPSS 
run: /hat/core_manual/bin/hpss_activate_node.ksh
This script:
activates hpss volume groups
mounts hpss file systems
sets IPs of the productive HPSS core
starts hpss and DB2
2.Deactivate HPSS active core 
run: /hat/core_manual/bin/hpss_deactivate_node.ksh
This script:
stops HPSS and DB2
umounts all HPSS file systems
deactivates all HPSS volume groups
takes away all HPSS productive IPs

Please note:if you solely want to stop HPSS and DB2 but have access to HPSS file systems
please see below how only stop hpss

Stop HPSS using the hpss command line

1.Start the command line on the core server and stop all server 
1.1. [root@hpsstcr03 scripts]# /opt/hpss/bin/hpssadm.pl -U hpssssm -a /var/hpss/etc/hpss.unix.keytab
hpssadm> server shutdown -all
hpssadm> server list -all  
hpssadm> quit
1.2.Stop startup daemon
root@hpsstcr03 scripts]# /opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss -d stop
1.3.Stop system manager
root@hpsstcr03 scripts]# /opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss -m stop
2.Stop the database
2.1.[root@hpsstcr03 scripts]# /opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss stop
SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.

Start HPSS and the database

as user root on the core server

/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss start
/opt/hpss/bin/hpssadm.pl -U hpssssm -a /var/hpss/etc/hpss.unix.keytab
hpssadm>server start -all
hpssadm>server list -all  
hpssadm> quit

Alternatively you can stop HPSS servers using HPSS GUI

In this case stopping is done in two steps. 
First in the GUI all hpss servers are to be stopped and then the database is to be stopped.
1. open the HPSS GUI on the active Core-Server (hpsscr)
[root@hpsscr ~]# /opt/hpss/bin/hpssgui.pl &
2. click on Operations --> Shutdown --> All Non-SSM Servers
3. then Operations --> Shutdown --> System Manager

Then stop the database:

/opt/hpss/bin/rc.hpss stop

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