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top level commands

Commands keywords are case sensitive. Commands can be abbreviated to the shortest indiscriminate form. eg.

 hpssadm> l -type Servers

or instead of typing health_status info one can use

 hpssadm> hea i

configuration info subcommands

hpssadm> configuration info -type xxxx -name xxxx

To see the list of possible types run

 hpssadm> configuration -type
 <list of types>

Each type needs a name or id (option -name or -id). But the -id and or -name option must follow the -type option (not the other way around). The stupid thing is that names nor ids are listed. Using the ínfo commanda that is available for most of the top level commands I could find the following type and name pairs:

-type -name
Core Server Configuration Core Server
Location Server Configuration Location Server
PVL Configuration PVL
-type -name
Core Server Configuration Location Server Configuration
Core Server Location Server

example (using on of the valid pairs from the table above)

 hpssadm>  configuration info -type "Core Server Configuration" -name "Core Server"