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Steps taken to install globus connect

Some of the information is gleaned from https://www.globus.org/


Install of Globus Connect

  • update the repo dir for easy access to the globus packages:
rpm -hUv http://www.globus.org/ftppub/gt5/5.2/stable/installers/repo/Globus-5.2.stable-config.redhat-6Server-1.noarch.rpm

This will install the Globus repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/Globus-5.2.stable-config.redhat.repo. If you are installing on another distribution or version select another RPM. Globus maintains a list of RPMs that will install the proper repo file for you here: http://www.globus.org/ftppub/gt5/5.2/stable/installers/repo/.

  • install the Globus Connect Package:
yum install globus-connect-server

In my case the $releasever variable was returning 6.5 although the repo urls have locations for just 6. I fixed this by forcing the variable to 6:

yum --releasever=6 install globus-connect-server