hidden:Configure Installserver

From Lsdf
  • The installserver is ics.lsdf.kit.edu .
  • login to issuing the command ssh -CXYl root ics.lsdf.kit.edu, ask Ursula Epting if needed!
  • DHCP server is configured appropriately (no intervention needed). Check /etc/dhcp/leases-lsdf.conf whether Your MAC is in the table!
  • Look into /var/log/syslog on ics.lsdf.kit.edu for the occurence of DHCP requests. Make network reconfigured, if requests do not come through!
  • Go to directory cd /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg .
  • Check whether the sedecimal coded IP address of the installation interface is coded als link to directory lsdf, pointing to link with appropriate machine name. Add it if needed.
  • Check whether link in directory /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg/lsdf is link to appropriate image description in /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg . Take existing specimens as example.
  • Go to directory /srv/tftp/scilinux .
  • Check whether image and initrd for network installation exist. Copy from origininal installation media (CD or WWW or elsewhere) appropriate for network installation.
  • Go to directory /srv/www/scilinux .
  • Put appropriate Kickstart file into that directory. Take existing specimens as example.
  • Boot install and be happy!
  • Check file access rights cautiously!
  • Inactive components are renamed, that the PXE program cannot address them. The content remains unchanged. You can simply copy or rename them to get them active.
  • Attention! The URL http://savannah.fzk.de is not valid any more, use /srv/www/repositories/kit/lsdf as base instead and place the directory there.