Remote Access

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Hardware resets

Use the ipmitool from any other system for example from the jumphost. Graphical access is not necessary.

        ipmitool -H HOST -U USERID -P PASSW0RD -I lanplus power cycle

where HOST is the hostname from the IMM interface from the IP numbers list. For example:

        ipmitool -H -U USERID -P PASSW0RD -I lanplus power cycle

Graphical Interface

I think the NX client is the securest, performanced and best way to access a server from a remote site. We used it also on other customer sites. You must use a ssh tunnel between you and the jump host. (this is a tunnel to the mover4 ( - change it to the host you want)

        ssh -L 2222: -l <USERID>

Then use the NX client 3.5.0.x to connect to the system over the tunnel

        NXclient - > configure --> host localhost port 2222

The client package for Linux is available on the systems in the /root/Software/nx directory.

As userid you should use your own ID because of the suspended sessions an different configurations that someone want. Pls add a user by yourself. You can test the access with ssh

        ssh -p 2222 USERID@localhost

Secure Shell

Access to sshd running on port 22. Open from all hosts within KIT. From outside KIT use the "Jumphost" with your KIT account. You have to be in the group "lsdf-admins".