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Hardware resets

Use the ipmitool from any other system for example from the jumphost. Graphical access is not necessary.

        ipmitool -H HOST -U USERID -P PASSW0RD -I lanplus power cycle

where HOST is the hostname from the IMM interface from the IP numbers list. For example:

        ipmitool -H -U USERID -P PASSW0RD -I lanplus power cycle

Graphical Interface

I think the NX client is the securest, performanced and best way to access a server from a remote site. We used it also on other customer sites. You must use a ssh tunnel between you and the jump host. (this is a tunnel to the mover4 ( - change it to the host you want)

        ssh -L 2222: -l <USERID> scc-cn-r164-l.scc.kit.edu

Then use the NX client 3.5.0.x to connect to the system over the tunnel

        NXclient - > configure --> host localhost port 2222

The client package for Linux is available on the systems in the /root/Software/nx directory.

As userid you should use your own ID because of the suspended sessions an different configurations that someone want. Pls add a user by yourself. You can test the access with ssh

        ssh -p 2222 USERID@localhost

Secure Shell

Access to sshd running on port 22. Open from all hosts within KIT. From outside KIT use the "Jumphost" scc-cn-r164-l.scc.kit.edu with your KIT account. You have to be in the group "lsdf-admins".