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Enable image:
Enable image:
oneimage enable <Image-ID>
oneimage enable <Image-ID>
==starting and spopping VMs in OpenNebula==

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Instructions on how to use the LSDF OpenNebula cloud

under construction

accounts and access

  • See Access_to_Resources for instructions on how to request an OpenNebula account.
  • Login to the OpenNebula front-end server:
ssh one.lsdf.kit.edu
  • Point the environment variables ONE_AUTH to your one_auth file. Default (/etc/profile.d/local-opennebula.sh):
export ONE_AUTH=$HOME/ONE/one_auth

creating a kvm image

  • creating a new kvm image using virt-manager
  • contextualizing image
  • registration of image in OpenNebula

Copy image file to: one.lsdf.kit.edu:/var/lib/one/images/users
Create text file: myimage_template

NAME          = "myimage"
PATH          = /var/lib/one/images/users/myimage.img
PUBLIC        = YES

Register image:

oneimage register myimage_template

Get image id:

oneimage list

Enable image:

oneimage enable <Image-ID>

starting and spopping VMs in OpenNebula