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The following LSDF related planning bodies assemble regularly. Access to the mail lists is moderated. Click on 'Meetings' to see the minutes.

lsdf All Hands Meeting

  • Representatives of KIT institutes who develop or use the LSDF infrastructure
  • Meetings every third month at 14:30 (Usually in K1 at SCC)
  • Upcoming meetings: 23.10.13, 29.01.2014
  • Subscribe to mail list (Administered by Jos van Wezel)

lsdf SCC


  • Employees and students of KIT and of Universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg use Services provided by the LSDF infrastructure: Sync&Share, File Storage, Archive Storage
  • For information Jos van Wezel or Nico Schlitter


  • Projects on Archives and Repositories at KIT
  • Representatives of the project RADAR, bwDataDiss, bwDataArchive
  • Meetings every two weeks on Thursday at 9:00 at SCC.
  • For information Jos van Wezel