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The storage resources of the LSDF are governed by the "general terms of use" (in German). Looseley translated the document states that for you, user of the LSDF, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • The resources are currently provided free of charge, although some (very reasonable) charges may apply in the future.
  • We do kindly request the users to acknowledge the LSDF in their work by involving a member of the LSDF staff in your scientific publications. We are as depending on publication numbers as you, and would be glad to describe the dataflow and deliver input to your materials and methods section. If that is not appropriate at least add the following lines to your paper.

The Large Scale Data Facility is founded and supported by the Helmholtz research programme "Supercomputing" of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and of the Ministry for Science, Research and Arts (MWK) of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg

  • Data stored in the LSDF is subject to the LSDF Research Data Policy
  • The support for LSDF services is provided on a best effort basis, no round-the-clock service can be guaranteed.
  • You are expected to not misuse your access credentials: access is given to a single person and you are not allowed to publish your credentials in any way, or to disseminate your credentials to other persons. Such persons need to apply for LSDF-access directly.
  • You are responsible for the data that you store into LSDF. This means, you are expected to keep track of the stored contents, to delete obsolete or unnecessary data, as well as informing LSDF what should happen with your data in case you leave KIT/LSDF.
  • You are expected to abide by the usage rules resp. best practices recommendations of the different resources. See Services_Usage for more details.

  • To request access to the Hadoop cluster, or to the Cloud resources, please see the following link for more details.

What to expect from the LSDF team:

  • A best effort will be invested to try to keep the services (and in particular, the storage) running round-the-clock, although no availability guarantee can be provided, as stated above.
  • An offline daily backup of all your data, which can be used in case of data loss in the online systems (but no direct user access).