LSDF Online Storage: Snapshots

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Snapshots are used to create a point-in-time copy of a file system or file sets. Snapshots can be used to quickly restore files or folders that were unintentionally deleted. Snapshots also provide a form of file versioning and the ability to revert to a previous version of a file, depending on the time interval between snapshots.

Snapshots for LSDF storage projects are available in the sub directory .snapshots in the base directory of you OE (e.g. /lsdf/kit/scc/projects/.snapshots). Snapshots for user home directories are available in the directory /lsdf/kit/.snapshots. On the login machines these directories are mapped with two environment variables $PROJECTSNAPSHOTS and $SNAPSHOTS.

To access the snapshots of the user directories on the login machines:

$ ssh
$ ls
daily-2018.02.02-03.00.12  monthly-2017.11.30-23.00.12
daily-2018.02.03-03.00.12  monthly-2017.12.31-23.00.12
daily-2018.02.04-03.00.12  monthly-2018.01.31-23.00.12
daily-2018.02.05-03.00.12  weekly-2018.01.14-14.30.12
daily-2018.02.06-03.00.12  weekly-2018.01.21-14.30.12
daily-2018.02.07-03.00.12  weekly-2018.01.28-14.30.12
daily-2018.02.08-03.00.12  weekly-2018.02.04-14.30.12

To access the snapshots of the project directories on the login machines:

$ ssh

Additional information can be found in the description of the LSDF file system characteristics.