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Access to the LSDF Online Storage is possible using the AAI of the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF) but is restricted to entitled project groups. The group membership is managed and organized by dedicated project admin on the Helmholtz AAI server. Access to the LSDF Online Storage using the HDF AAI is currently limited to SSH/SFTP login with keys.

For a detailed overview of the different features of the Helmholtz AAI, please refer to the official documentation. There you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use the AAI as a users or group administrators and how to register new groups or virtual organizations.

Following a project invitation and logging in to the Helmholtz AAI

To join a project in the Helmholtz AAI you need to be invited by a project admin. You will receive the invitation via email asking you to follow the outlined procedure to join the project.

To sign up and login to the Helmholtz AAI using your home insitutions IDP visit the Helmholtz AAI login page and select your home institution. You will be forwarded to your home IdP for authentication. Once you are logged in you can manage the profile of your account, e.g. change the preferred user name, list group and project memberships, or manage OAuth tokens.

Creating an account with the LSDF and upload ssh keys

Once your account in the Helmholtz AAI was included in one or more groups entitled for the use of the LSDF Online Storage visit the Feudal (Federated User Credential Deployment Portal) service portal to enable your account in the LSDF and upload public keys for ssh login. Feudal is reachable here. Once you are logged in you are able to upload ssh public keys and distribute them to individual services. Choose "Enter Key" or "Upload File" to add new public keys to Feudal. Once you public key is uploaded choose "Your services --> LSDF" and click on "Deploy my credentials" to deploy your public key for LSDF login.

Managing projects

The project management page of the Helmholtz AAI is located here. It is usable by project admins only. On the left hand side of the page select the project you would like to manage. Users can be added to existing projects by invitation. This includes also users who have not previously registered their home accounts with the Helmholtz AAI server. To invite a new user to your project choose "Invitations" on the left hand side of the page and then "New Invitation" on the top of the page. Enter the email address of the user you would like to invite and click "Ok". The invited user will receive an email notification and should follow the outlined procedure to register with the Helmholtz AAI and be included your project.

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