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LFTP intro

LFTP Documentation can be found here http://lftp.yar.ru/

Install lftp using your distribution package management tool

 yum install lftp
 sudo apt-get install lftp

Log in with your archive account

 lftp -u <abc> sftp://archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu
 Password: <password>

Upload a local file(lfile) to a remote file(rfile):

 lftp>put lfile -o rfile

Upload (mirror reverse -R) a local directory(ldir) to a remote directory(rdir) using 4 processes. Use the --continue (-c) option to allow the mirror operation to continue where it left off in case something happens (usefull if you have archive thousands of files and directories).

 lftp>mirror -c -R --parallel=4 ldir rdir

Download a remote directory using 4 streams for every single file. (This help to improve download speeds for large files):

 lftp>mirror -c --use-pget-n=4 rdir ldir

LFTP throughput measurements