HPSS User Access to bwDataArchiv with SFTP

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  • 1. First register for the bwDataArchive service here Registration. You will receive a 3 character account name.
  • 2. Log in using your bwDataArchive account name: sftp xxx@archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu


[root@scc-sdm-dl-lt01-sl ~]# sftp k23@archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu
Connecting to archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu...
k23@archive-sftp.lsdf.kit.edu's password: 
sftp> ls -l
drwx------    4 k23      12345         512 Nov 23 16:51 private
sftp> cd private
sftp> pwd
Remote working directory: /private

The directory private cannot be removed or renamed.