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Using wget from UNIX client

wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web. It supports https protocol

For Help:

>man wget
>wget --help
HTTP options:
 --http-user=ka_xy1234     set http user to USER 
 --http-password='****'     set http password to PASS
Recursive download:
-r,  --recursive                    specify recursive download.
-l,  --level=NUMBER             maximum recursion depth (inf or 0 for infinite)


Retrieve over https protocol of '', saving it io ./.

>wget --http-user=ka_xy1234 --http-password='****' --secure-protocol=SSLv3

Retrieve over https protocol first two levels of '', saving them to ./temp.

>wget -P ./temp  --http-user=ka_xy1234 --http-password='****' -r -l 2 --secure-protocol=SSLv3

Suppose you were in the middle of downloading, when wget was interrupted. Now you do not want to clobber the files already present. It would be:

>wget -P ./temp --http-user=ka_xy1234 --http-password='****' -nc -r -l 2 --secure-protocol=SSLv3 -o wget.log

If you wish wget to keep a mirror of a page use `--mirror' (`-m'),

>wget -P ./temp  --http-user=ka_xy1234 --http-password='****' -m -l 2 --secure-protocol=SSLv3 -o wget.log