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Access to the Filesystem bwFileStorage from HPC-Cluster

Users of the filesystem bwFileStorage can furthermore transfer data to bwUniCluster, ForHLR, IC2 and HC3 via the tool rdata. Therefore the environment variables $BWFILESTORAGE and $BWFS are set.

The command rdata executes the filesystem operations on special "data mover" nodes and distributes the load.


>rdata "ls $BWFILESTORAGE/*.c"
>rdata "cp foo $BWFS"

The command

>man rdata

shows how to use the command rdata.

rdata(1)                       Cluster Commands                       rdata(1)

       rdata  - File operations are executed on a data mover node of the clus-

       rdata [ COMMAND ]

       The program executes the specified command (with arguments) on  a  data
       mover node.  As remote host, a host with the lowest load is selected.

       Interactive  mode:  If  rdata is invoked without arguments, rdata reads
       line by line from standard input (like  a  restricted  shell);  at  EOF
       rdata will be ended.

       The following commands are allowed in COMMAND of rdata:

       cp rm mv ls mkdir rmdir pwd echo rsync
       Execution of the corresponding system command.

       help                                      Output of a short help text.

       cd                                         Changing the directory.

       quit exit                                 Termination of rdata.

       The  following  user  specific environment variables are available with

       $HOME                                 home directory
       $WORK                                 work directory

       $HC3WORK                              hc3 work directory

       $PFSWORK                              pfs work directory

       $IC2WORK                              ic2 work directory

       $UC1WORK                              uc1 work directory

       $FH1WORK                              fh1 work directory

       $BWFILESTORAGE $BWFS                  bwFileStorage directory

       $FH1PROJECT $PROJECT                  fh1 project directory


       rdata ls $BWFILESTORAGE/*.c

       rdata cp $WORK/foo $BWFILESTORAGE

       rdata returns the exit status of the last command or 127 when the  last
       command was not found.