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The FAQ has moved: [https://www.rda.kit.edu/102.php]
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=For whom, for what?=
=== Q: What storage technologies do you use?===
A: s. https://www.rda.kit.edu/technologie.php
=User Registration=
=== Q: I have registered but still cannot access the service. What is wrong?===
A: Most probably the registration workflow did not finish completely. This can happen because of network errors. Go to https://bwidm.scc.kit.edu/user/index.xhtml, login with your credentials and unregister from the service. Then register again. You will receive an email after you have registered successfully.
=Preparations for the usage=
=Transfer Data=
== Checksums ==
=Read Data=
=Delete Data=
== Q: There is a directory with the name .Trashcan in my archive directory. Can you explain me its function? ==
A: Files deleted from the archive are put in the Trashcan. Contents of the Trashcan are not deleted by the system and therefore are accounted and to the amount of data stored. To permanently delete the data you have to open the .Trashcan and delete the files. To recover files from the Trashcan move (or rename) the files to a different location outside the Trashcan.

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