Testing the gLite VoBox

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After the yaim configuration finished, it is time to test the functionality of your VoBox. First of all you can test, if it publishes information via the bdii service.

netstat -tnlp | grep -i 2170

should show you a line of output like

tcp     0      0 <HOST_IP>:2170*      LISTEN      <PID>/slapd

Alternatively you can run

lsof -i :2170

Next, you can try to query the information service by running a ldapsearch

ldapsearch -xLLL -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid -p 2170 -h <VOBOX_HOSTNAME>

The output consists of multiple ldap entries, one of them is for example

dn: GlueServiceUniqueID=gks-1-125.fzk.de_VOBOX_1772911277,Mds-Vo-name=resource
GlueServiceAccessControlBaseRule: VO:dech
GlueServiceStatus: OK
GlueServiceStatusInfo: gsissh process is running
objectClass: GlueTop
objectClass: GlueService
objectClass: GlueKey
objectClass: GlueSchemaVersion
GlueServiceUniqueID: gks-1-125.fzk.de_VOBOX_1772911277
GlueServiceAccessControlRule: dech
GlueServiceEndpoint: gsissh://gks-1-125.fzk.de:1975/
GlueServiceVersion: 1.0.0
GlueSchemaVersionMinor: 3
GlueServiceName: GKS-121-VOBOX
GlueServiceType: VOBOX
GlueServiceStartTime: 2010-09-03T09:54:26+02:00
GlueForeignKey: GlueSiteUniqueID=GKS-121
GlueServiceOwner: dech
GlueSchemaVersionMajor: 1

As stated earlier the gsissh daemon listens on port 1975. Ensure that the daemon is running by

lsof -i :1975

If the daemon is up and running you will receive something similar to

sshd    2913 root    3u  IPv6  95151       TCP *:tcoflashagent (LISTEN)
sshd    2913 root    4u  IPv4  95153       TCP *:tcoflashagent (LISTEN)

At this moment you can try to connect to your VOBox from a remote host. Please loging to your user interface and create a valid grid proxy

voms-proxy-init --voms dech

and check its validity

voms-proxy-info --all

On the user interface a gsissh client software is installed. You can make use of it by

gsissh -p1975 <HOSTNAME_OF_YOUR_VOBOX>

If problems occur when running gsissh, debugging is enabled by adding the -vvv switch to the command.

Some users may also need to copy files to the VoBox. In this case the gsiscp command can be used. Try to copy some files from your user interface to the VoBox (and back).

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