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First day will reach Step 10, the next day is for the more advanced stuff. Foreman? Gitlab? ...

Before Step 8 we change the puppetmaster configuration, to a git-o-lite setup.

Before Step 10 we change the puppetmaster configuration, to use a ENC


The idea is to give the participants first an idea about the puppet language. Next we show how to use puppet in the client/server setup but without git.

we will create for all participants local environments on the puppetmaster where they can create their manifests.

They also have to create locally the node definitions on the puppetmaster.


We will have 2 physical machines and 20 VM. All machines are installed with SL6.5 64bit

  • physical machine 1:
login node. The participants log in here as user. They all get desy AFS accounts,
and have a homedir in afs.
Installed software: git and editor
  • physical machine 2:
puppetmaster. The participants log in here as user.
Installed software: puppet 3.6, git-o-lite, foreman?
  • virtualmachine[1..20]:
puppet node. The participants log in here as root.
(Every participant get access to one VM)
Installed software: puppet agent
The machines have already registered on the puppetmaster


Students will work together in groups of two. We will provide one AFS account for each group of two. (plus some accounts for tutors to work/test beforehand). Beforehand, we will equip each AFS account with ssh-key-pair and enable this one in Pyppet Master and as root-login for the virtualmachines. We will create a print-out with account name / password / virtualmachine for each group.