Introduction into Go

From Gridkaschool


In this workshop, we will introduce the basics of programming in Go and then work our way up to concurrency programming with this relatively new language.

We'll start with the usual "Hello World" program, introduce functions, variables, packages and then interfaces. Then, we will tackle the two main tools at the disposal of the Go programmer (colloquially known as a gopher): the channels and the goroutines. This will be done by implementing a small peer to peer application transmitting text messages over the network.

The workshop wraps up with a whirlwind tour of scientific and non-scientific libraries readily available, and prospects/news about the next Go version.





People will have to install the Go compiler on their laptop or use a VM provided by GridKa.

The instructions to install the Go compiler for their favorite operating system are detailed at:

To get a taste of what Go looks like and wet their feet, people can also follow the interactive, browser-based, installation-free tour from:


Instructions, slides and exercizes for the hands-on session are available here: