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This is our hiera hierarchy:

  1. Merge the master branch in git, and include the "lab" module. It's trivial, as it just creates /etc/labpurpose
    1. In the root of your environment in git, at the same level as "modules" and "manifests" "mkdir hieradata"
    2. cd hieradata
    3. touch <schoolmachine>.desy.de.yaml where <schoolmachine> is your puppet client machine (ie gridkaschool01.desy.de)
    4. touch web.yaml data.yaml compute.yaml
    5. touch RedHat.yaml
    6. touch common.yaml
    7. convert the param to the lab class to an automatic hiera call
      1. use "common".yaml for now
    8. convert the direct hiera() calls to automatic lookups, with a new param. Remember that if a class is called "foo" and it has a parameter "$bar" then you need a hiera key foo::bar
  2. In your environment, using at least 2 of the fqdn / role or osfamily yaml files you've created, add different values and see how they get used / override values in other parts of the hierarchy


  1. Try using hiera_include to include a class