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Information system

  • To be visible in the grid every grid site provides at least one site BDII.
  • The site BDII is the site-central information system that collects information from all the site's gLite services.
  • All services you install today have to be added to the configuration of this site BDII.
  • Central BDII services called BDII_top or TopLevel BDII collect all information from the site BDIIs and provide this e.g. to the users or a resource broker, i.e. the gLite Workload Management System.

site BDII

The site BDII gathers all information from the local site resources and provides them via ldap.


The service is a quite easy to maintain one. It requires not much memory or disk and only one port (2170) has to be opened in the firewall.

Note:Due to the critical nature of the information system with respect to the operation of the grid, the BDII should be installed as a stand-alone service to ensure that problems with other services do not affect the BDII.

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