GLite Administration Workshop 2010

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This course deals with the handling of gLite site services. You will learn in lectures how to deal with gLite updates, problems, monitoring and challenges of larger sites.

The course offers a number of different services that you will learn to install and manage such as the

  • CREAM Compute Element,
  • batch system server,
  • worker node and
  • site BDII

Time table

11:00 Introduction

Introduction to Grid middleware and gLite (Slides: File:Glite Admin 2010 slides.pdf)

11:30 site BDII

Installation and configuration of the site BDII

12:30 Lunch (KIT Northern canteen)
13:45 Batch system installation

Installation and configuration of the batch system server and a worker node. First job submissions to the batch system.

14:45 CREAM Compute Element

Installation and configuration of a CREAM Compute Element.

15:30 Coffee break
16:00 User Interface

Installation of a gLite User Interface and first submissions to the CREAM compute element.

17:00 Advanced exercises and site testing
18:30 End of the workshop

First Part - Theory

First you have to know what gLite is and where to get it from. After a short introduction to gLite you get your own site and an exemplary guide for the installation and configuration.

Second Part - Hands-On

Now it's you turn.

  • Please build small teams of 4 - 6 people. Each team will act as a system administrators team of a grid site.
  • Your task is the initial installation of all gLite services required to grid-enable your compute resource. Setup each service on a different node.
  • If you experience problems while setting up the services, Florian and I will join your team and assist.

After you made an initial sketch of your site setup, please start with the installation of the information system. This services publishes information about the available service and make your grid resource visible to users.

After your information system is up and running you can continue with the installation of your batch system. A batch system usually consists of one batch system server and (a lot of) worker nodes. Jobs submitted to your grid resource will be executed in the batch system.

After the batch system has been successfully tested and is ready for executing grid jobs, it is made available to grid users by installing the CREAM Compute Element. The compute element is responsible for e. g. publishing information about the batch system to the site BDII and also the authorization of remote user.

If you setup all previous services successfully, then it is time to allow users to access your resources.

Third Part - Go on as you like

You can now install some more services or make some exercises for advanced gLite administrators: