From Gridkaschool
  1. Create an external fact with key "owner" with value of your name, or your team
    1. tips:
    2. you want to create /etc/facter/facts.d/owner
    3. use a puppet file resource, or try using $modulepath/facts.d/owner
  2. Add a file "/etc/role" with choice of value of "web", "data", or "compute"
    1. use a puppet file resource to create the file
  3. Write a custom fact or code external fact to produce "role" fact
    1. One way of doing the custom fact, which should live in $modulepath/lib/facter/role.rb:
require 'facter'
Facter.add("role") do
 setcode do
    %x{cat /etc/role}.chomp

Using the facts

  1. facter -p
  2. Use the facts as variables to populate motd
  3. Remember that facts are top-scope, so you will want $::role and $::owner