Exercise: configuration

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Try to get some configuration from foreign services. This might help you some day to debug problems or to help other sites with their problems.

What BDII uses the WMS wms-2-fzk.gridka.de?


  • First you have to know where this is configured on a WMS
  • Second you have to find a way to get the configuration file


  • The BDII is specified in the file /opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf on the WMS under II_Contact.
  • You can get it with lcg-cp. First you can look if you have permission to read it with edg-gridftp-ls.
edg-gridftp-ls --verbose gsiftp://wms-2-fzk.gridka.de/opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf

lcg-cp gsiftp://wms-2-fzk.gridka.de/opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf file:///tmp/wms-2-fzk.conf

grep II_Contact /tmp/wms-2-fzk.conf

To which account are you mapped on a DESY CE?


  • First you have to know a DESY CE
  • There are different ways to get this information.
    • You can submit a job to a DESY Worker Node and make a whoami to get your account.
    • You can make a globus-job-run to the CE and execute whoami directly on the CE


  • Get a list of CEs supporting dech VO (via User Interface)
lcg-infosites --vo dech ce
  • Submit a job to the CE, e.g via globus-job-run
globus-job-run <desy ce> whoami

Are you mapped to the same account on a DESY WMS?


  • First find a DESY WMS
  • make a uberftp to the WMS host or copy a file to the WMS and look at the ownership.


  • Get a list of WMSs supporting dech VO (via User Interface)
lcg-infosites --vo dech wms
  • Open a uberftp session on the WMS
uberftp <desy wms>

After you have finished your exercises, help you neighbor to debug the site if he/she has problems.

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