Configuration Management with Puppet: Part 1

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  1. Students: Should bring along their own laptop. Linux or Mac preferred, Windows with ssh client OK. (Basically, login via ssh to remote machine is needed)
  2. School organizers: Beamer: At least one, better two
  3. School organizers: One (better two) LAN outlets for tutor laptops (to be independent of WLAN)
  4. Tutor: Bring their laptop (Yves will bring spare/additional machine)


Starting 11:30

  1. Introduction (Sven)
  2. Hands-On
    • login to vm
    • write simple manifest and apply
  3. Puppet Client/Server
  4. Hands-On
    • login to puppetmaster
    • write node definition
    • write simple manifest in user environment
    • execute puppet agent call on vm
  5. GIT basics
  6. Hands-On
    • clone repository
    • branch
    • change file
    • commit
    • push
  7. Puppet with GIT
  8. Hands-On
    • Write an real world example
    • push with git to pm
    • run puppet agent on vm

End: 18:30