Combining Cloud, Grid and Volunteer computing

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It’s well known that the developments environments used in Grid and Cloud are very different. The key differences between these two platforms are based on theoretical concepts as well as implementations. The aim of this tutorial is to propose a set of concepts and tools used to bridge these two large-scale distributed systems. Concretely speaking, we propose a set of libraries used to develop high performance applications that could be deployed on Grid and Cloud without any re-writing. The following platforms/middlewares will be used during the practical part:

  • the XtremWeb-CH volunteer computing platform (XWCH:
  • the cloud platforms: Amazon, Azure and Venus-C

The tutorial is composed of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part will deal with the following aspects:

  • Grid vs. Cloud computing,
  • Overview of XWCH, Amazon, Venus-C and Azure platforms
  • How to develop applications for XWCH, Venus-C and Azure platforms

During the practical part, the students will be able to:

  • Write his/her own application
  • Deploy his/her application by using one or several of these bridges: XWCH/Amazon and XWCH/Azure, Venus-C/Azure

Important information

  • For this tutorial a personal notebook is recommended.
  • Java (at least 1.6) should be installed on your laptop.
  • if you plan to attend this tutorial, please create an "XtremWeb-CH" account on XtremWeb-CH portal and send an Email to to validate your account.

Part 1: The XtremWeb-CH Volunteer Computing Platform

  • To install an XWCH worker on your machine click here [1]
  • To download the BROADCAST application, click here [2]. The Java API is in the same .zip file
  • Java API documentation is here [3]

Part 2: Venus-C : HPC in Cloud

  • Azure at a glance
  • Venus-C at a glance
  • Deploying a Hello World application on Venus-C[4]. We assume here that the Generic Worker is already deployed via Azure portal
  • Deploying a Hello World application on Venus-C. The application deploys the Venus-C Generic Worker before submitting the jobs.

Part 3: Combining XWCH with Azure and Amazon